TAG | (Huge) lip product addict

1. What Is Your Best Balm/Treatment?

My holy grail lip balm is and will be always the Prada one, but it´s a bit difficult to find so let´s say Dior lip glow as my high end favorite and L´occitane ultra rich lip balm the cheap alternative. IMG_0368.JPG

2. What Is Your Best Eye Catching Red?

Without any doubt! MUFE rouge artist lipstick Moulin rouge and drugstore´s Rimmel 111 Kiss of life. IMG_0369.JPG

3. What Is Your Best Luxury and Drugstore?

I have two favorite luxury lip product brands to mention… YSL glossy stain because its formula and Chanel Rouge allure with the most elegant packaging. Excellent quality Maybelline color sensational. IMG_0370.JPG

4. What Is Your Best Mac Lipstick?

Because I wil buy it again and again and…  Mac Rebel  IMG_0371.JPG

5. What is Your Most Disapponting Lip Product?

Well,… two high end products!! yea maybe we always expect more from expensive products. IMG_0372.JPG

6. Liner? Yes or No?

NO, I prefer lip primer, (but sometimes or for someone is necessary a good lip pencil).

7. What is Your Best Lip Gloss?

Sorry, I´m not gloss girl, sooo I´m just going to recommend some of my best tinted lip balm type products, hope you don´t mind. Winter savior Korres Lip butter (Jasmine and Wild rose), current obsession Macqueen loving you tint glow (korean brand), and amazing YSL sheer candy or rouge volupte shine, love them!! IMG_0374.JPG

8. Something Extra?

Of course! I can´t end this tag without mention lip lacquers, lip tints or whatever you want to call them, for me they are liquid lipsticks, pigmented, long lasting, easy to apply, uniform… They are perfect for lip products lovers! =) IMG_0373.JPG

Hope You like this tag! leave a comment! =) Xoxo J.


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